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Overcoming Price Objections

Sticker Shock Dealing with price objections is just a part of the selling process when it comes to retail mattress sales, especially now with the average consumer being even more careful with their spending. Few consumers when asked what they … Continue reading

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Selling Mattresses: An Honorable and Complex Profession?

I Say Yes! And I’m not alone. I agree with author James, E Dion as I discovered by reading his book, Retail Selling Ain’t Brain Surgery, It’s Twice as Hard!             I suggest you read … Continue reading

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Selling Steps vs. Guided Discovery

A Road Map for Selling One of the first things new sales associates learn about how to sell mattresses is “Selling Steps.”  Some of these guidelines come from manufacturers, some from retailers or even other outside sources.  But all are … Continue reading

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Three Qualify Questions: Applying the Information

A More Effective Approach In my previous blog,  I suggested replacing the popular “What feel are you looking for?” with these three, more effective qualifying questions. “Are you familiar with the the different mattress styles and comfort levels that are … Continue reading

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Three Qualifying Questions That Can Increase Your Mattress Sales

Can questions really make that much difference? Well, yes they can. Not only can they increase your sales, they can help sell better quality mattresses, reduce the likelihood of returns and help assure customer satisfaction. Suspense! I will reveal the … Continue reading

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Mattress Sales: What is Most Important?

A Point in Time I call it the “Essence of Retail,” that point in time where the ownership of goods (mattress sets) is transferred from the supply side to the demand side of the equation, from retailer to customer.                                                     All … Continue reading

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Welcome to Sell More Beds!

Hello! If you have anything to do with the retail mattress industry, this blog is for you. That primarily includes, store owners and managers, sales managers and most importantly, retail sales associates, (RSA’s). That also includes, more indirectly, manufacturer’s sales … Continue reading

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