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Don’t Leave Yourself Stranded

One of my favorite things about doing sales training seminars is “trying” to answer questions from attendees. I never claim to be the big know it all and don’t mind admitting it. Once coincidentally, I had two people that sold … Continue reading

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My Mom Taught Me How to Sell Mattresses

Thanks Mom That’s right, I learned the key to selling from my Mom. But actually she wasn’t really teaching me how to sell mattresses or any other product, she was teaching what she called the keys to living a good … Continue reading

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Adapting to Change

One thing is for certain.  Nothing is for certain, especially if you sell mattresses. Change can come in many forms as I will discuss below. With every change, there is an adjustment period.  The bigger the change it, the longer … Continue reading

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Falling Asleep

Sometime ago, I was driving my daughter, Amanda, and her friend, Mariana, back home after a semester at the University of Texas. Hook’em Horns! Both girls were exhausted from finals and a late night of packing so they quickly closed … Continue reading

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First Impressions

Note: This Blog is makes a good complement to my previous one: “Just Looking.” One Chance In the world of retail mattress sales, you don’t get too many chances with shoppers.  Studies show two facts that you should be aware … Continue reading

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Just Looking?

Of all the questions I’m asked,  one of the most common is, “What can I do to keep the shoppers that say, “I’m just looking”  from leaving my store before I ever get the chance to talk to them?” Well … Continue reading

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Don’t Sell Comfort

What! (Don’t sell comfort ALONE, that is.) For the first 100 years, or more, of mattress retail the most sought after quality for most consumers was firmness. “I’m looking for a good firm mattress was the initial words out of … Continue reading

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18 Ways To Increase Mattress Sales Between Ups

How do you spend your time when you are not with customers? It’s just the nature of retail, the inevitable periods of time between ups or when there are just no customers to wait on.  Home furnishing stores tend to … Continue reading

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Mattresses and Golf Clubs

Golf Lessons (What the Mattress Industry Can Learn From Golf) There is a similarity between golf clubs and mattresses. No, I haven’t lost my mind,         but I’m pretty sure that I have your attention now. I don’t play golf, even … Continue reading

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It’s Not the Sign That Matters

I’m on a crusade against end of bed signage.  Why? Well you can see for yourself, by just observing mattress shoppers browse around the various models on a retail floor. As they approach a mattress with a sign on the … Continue reading

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