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Changing Lives One Night At a Time

Dealing with price objections is a common occurrence for anyone selling mattresses.  As I so often state, consumers are on a mission to find that elusive best value.  “As long as we have to buy a mattress, let’s make sure … Continue reading

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Social Media Darwinsim

Retailers and RSA’s that are not living up to consumer expectation will be called out and consequently culled out. I coined the term Social Media Darwinism to describe, in the business world, survival of the fittest accelerated by technology. Companies … Continue reading

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END End of Bed Signage

I’m on a crusade against end of bed signage.  Why? Well you can see for yourself, if you will just observe mattress shoppers browse around the various models on a retail floor. As couples approach a mattress with a sign … Continue reading

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Don’t Pitch One Mattress Brand Against Another

Most mattress sales floors have more than one brand, and quiet often they have several. It’s not a good idea to pitch one brand against another even though it may be tempting to do so, especially when a customer has … Continue reading

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Slow Times for Mattress Sales

To say things have been slow in the mattress business is an understatement. Let’s face it, these have been some of the most difficult times we’ve faced in years. So what can and should we do as we sit around … Continue reading

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