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Is It Any Wonder, Consumers Don’t Value Mattresses?

A Good Deal? Our industry may have made some progress getting word out to consumers, that the real value of mattresses is they are good for you!  Unfortunately the great majority of shoppers still have one priority in mind, getting … Continue reading

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Quit Selling Mattresses

That’s right, I said it. Quit selling them. That is, if you want to increase your mattress sales.  No, I haven’t lost my mind. I’ll explain. From a mattress retailer’s perspective, doesn’t the focus have to be on making the … Continue reading

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Which Mattress Do I Show First?

One of the most common issues I’ve encountered with mattress sales associates is, where to start when a shopper comes in the store. From when I first started selling mattress, oh so many years ago, the number of floor models … Continue reading

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Selling the Sizzle

Don’t sell the steak, sell the sizzle!  It’s one of the most well known marketing and sales aphorisms of all time. Elmer Wheeler first used it in 1936. It has since become a popular cliché. Cliché like real humor and stereotyping all … Continue reading

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Train the Trainer

A number of years ago, I conducted a training workshop for a chain of stores in the Phoenix area. As usual, I came in the day before so as to observe the interaction between sales associates and shoppers and to … Continue reading

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Take Care of Mattress Customers

Some time back, my wife, Mary Jane, and I purchased a Cuisinart coffee maker after a recommendation from some friends.  We loved it and it worked great for several months.  Then it began shutting off on its own before the … Continue reading

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