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I Feel Like Singing! About Mattresses? Come on.

 “I’m so excited, and I just can’t hide it  I’m about to lose control                         and I think I like it!”    While I’m not really about to lose control, … Continue reading

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Mattresses and Golf Clubs

Originally posted on Sell More Beds:
Golf Lessons (What the Mattress Industry Can Learn From Golf) There is a similarity between golf clubs and mattresses. No, I haven’t lost my mind,         but I’m pretty sure that I have your attention…

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Nothing Happens Until Something is Sold? NOT!

The saying: “Nothing happens until something is sold “ is cliche because, well…it’s true?  Actually, it’s not. While this  truism does point out the vital role of sales, it’s not an accurate depiction of retail. Actually, lots happens before something is … Continue reading

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The ABC’s of Mattress Sales

I’ve always liked this format, taking the alphabet and creating ideas for each letter. This originally appeared in Sleep Savvy under the title: “Alphabet Soup.” Accessories  Don’t just think of protectors, pillows, sheets, etc as add on sales, use them … Continue reading

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Increase Mattress Sales by Flip Flopping the Pareto Principle!

Hopefully your curiosity compelled you to see what the heck the “Pareto Principle” is and what it could possibly have to do with mattress sales. Well, keep reading! You likely know The Pareto Principle by another name,The 80–20 Rule. Roughly … Continue reading

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Where have I been? Life gets in the way.

Hello, I am still around. It’s been quite some time since I’ve posted anything. In fact, it’s been quite some time since I’ve even checked my WordPress Blog to see if anyone has been reading it. Quite to my surprise, … Continue reading

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