Five Empowering Concepts

104566148Five Empowering Concepts

Looking through my files, I found this summary of a seminar I conducted for a Housewarmers conference.  Housewarmers describes themselves as  “A friendly, neighborhood-based form of network marketing, Housewarmers is a Welcoming Service for new residents that helps familiarize them with local retailers, businesses and service professionals.”

I thought I’d post it because it contains some of my favorite concepts that I believe transcend all business categories and in fact, life in general. I’ve left it as it was, so just substitute yourself and your situation in place of the Housewarmer representative references.

Keep in mind, this is a handout that I gave to attendees to summarize my presentation, making it somewhat different from my typical writing style.

Given all the qualifiers, I think you can glean value from it. I hope you like it!

the idea!Information vs. Concepts

Learning new concepts is an active form of learning utilizing our creative thinking processes rather than our memory.  Concepts, like putting on a new pair of glasses, can change and expand our perspective. They can inspire growth by engaging our imagination and creativity. They enhance our current skills and utilize our intuitions.

These transcendent concepts have empowered thousands of retail sales associates around the world to increase their awareness, productivity and effectiveness and they can do the same for you.  In addition, these concepts can help you develop more meaningful relationships with the people that you interact with on a daily basis.

How to make them work for you

As soon as possible, review the outline below while the information you heard at the seminar is still fresh in your mind.  Read each concept one at a time then pause and consider. Think of a specific scenario from a past experience that did not turn out as you would have hoped. Then re-create it knowing what you now, using the concept and your creativity to find a better solution.  Now imagine a possible future scenario where the concept may help you be more successful and do the same.

Remember, all we really have is our consciousness at this point in time. Everything else is either in our memory or imagination. Utilizing all three aspects of your thinking process in this manner can be an effective learning experience.

  1. MB900315656The Needs vs. Wants Paradox

“It’s the things we need and depend upon most that we least like to buy that we least like to do or buy”.

NvW is a powerful concept that gives insight into why and how we all make the choices we do.

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs:  As one need is satisfied, a new need emerges.

When most of our needs are satisfied, the new needs that keep emerging are actually wants. We spend our lives dwelling on items on our dream list and imagining how they will bring us happiness. Unfortunately, most either don’t live up to expectation or the newness wears off.

A want is a need with an emotional component. If someone wants something badly enough, he or she will find some way to get it.

The best way to get sponsors is to make them want to participate in Housewarmers by turning a need into a want. How do you do that? Engage their imaginations and the emotions that compel action will follow.  Learn how to paint a picture of how their sponsorship will benefit the new residents and improve their quality of life.

  1. MP900216055Big Picture Thinking

“Through active awareness, we can see both the forest and the trees”.

BPT places us and what we do into a larger context. It opens up a new door into our creative thinking.

Active Awareness: We have filters that prevent too much information from infiltrating our consciousness. Unfortunately, we put up our own filters that keep desirable information out. Through active awareness, we can acquire the skills to take in more information that can not only benefit our thinking processes also our appreciation of the things we take for granted.

Review all you sponsors and the products and services they provide. From the finished product, trace back as best you can each one to their sources.  I.E, imagine the experience and education of doctors or dentists. Then imagine what benefit each product will provide to your new residents. Then realize you and Housewarmers are the most important connection and link between the two.

  1. Interdependency and Interconnectedness

“We share a bond with people we may never meet, yet we impact each other’s lives, often without ever knowing it”.

I & I gives meaning to what was formerly matter of fact actions. While empowering, it adds a sense of responsibility. What you say and do really does matter.

The Serendipity of Life: Remember the story of the little girl on the beach, tossing star fish back into the ocean.  “It makes a difference to this one”. (this is a story of a child on the beach approached by an adult asking what difference it made throwing a few starfish back in the ocean because there were thousands that had washed up on the shore.)

Focus upon each conversation you have with prospects, sponsors or newcomers. Nothing else is more important at that point in time. Be prepared and listen more than talk. We tend to think what we are going to say next, but it is more important to pause and consider others words before you formulate your response.

Be aware of the important roll you play in the lives of both your sponsors and your new residents. 

  1. The Paradox of SuccessI just need one more sale this week.

“By putting others needs before your own, you will become more successful than if success was your goal”.

The term “rewards” takes on an entirely new dimension that goes well beyond monetary.

It truly is better to give than receive.  Switch your focus from selling to serving. People perceive motive and if it’s all about you, sales and profits, you will be perceived as disingenuous.

Try to see everything you do from the perspective of those you are serving.

  1. The Secret to Motivation

“There is only one true motivation at the heart of every decision we make and every action we take”.

Creative ideas by themselves are meaningless. Putting them to action is the real challenge.

The Rewarding Things in Life are not always the things we like doing, they are the things we like having done.

Pleasure / Pain: We either run from pain or toward pleasure.

Focusing upon the outcome is the key to pushing through the pain of doing the things we don’t enjoy because the rewards make it worth our while.

Having a Higher Purpose is the best motivator of all. Rather than focusing upon our actions, focus upon how our actions can help others improve their quality of life.

What Do People Really Want?

At the end of the day, we want to be happy, feel good and have a sense of well being. It is the motive hidden behind every decision we make and action we take.

What are you selling? Sponsorships or Happiness?  Your answer will determine your level of success

Consider this quote from George Bernard Shaw: “We have no more right to consume happiness without producing it than to consume wealth without producing it.”

And finally, if you want to attract and create enthusiastic, passionate, loyal customers… Be enthusiastic and passionate about your company, your customers and what you do!




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