Sell More Beds is a blog designed to provide the best sales training information available for retail mattress sales. While aimed at retail mattress sales associates and sales trainers, everyone associated with the mattress industry is welcome.

I will be sharing insightful information, practical training advice and my opinions about various topics that affect our industry. All with one goal in mind, to provide valuable content that utlimatlely will help our shoppers choose to buy top quality mattresses for their benefit.

Sleep well and help others do the same!

Gerry Morris


4 Responses to About

  1. butlermark says:

    Hod do I buy your books?

  2. Kevin Duffy says:

    I work for monsterbeds.co.uk here in the UK. I have a feeling i am going to be spending a lot of time looking at this blog. Well done Gerry, hopefully chat soon on the net.

    Kevin Duffy

    • sellmorebeds says:

      Thanks Kevin,
      I don’t know how I overlooked your comments til now. My apologies. I’ve spent the last year creating my online training course and haven’t been blogging much, but plan to get back to it. Keep posted!

  3. kevin says:

    Hi… How are you?
    Since I last emailed you I have helped to build this http://www.facebook.com/monsterbeds It is i think the largest facebook page in the world for a bed shop!!!! I could be wrong.
    I wanna sell loads of beds.. For monsterbeds here in the UK.
    I need some tips from you? Do you skype!
    kevinduffy23 is my skype name…

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