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The ABC’s of Mattress Sales

I’ve always liked this format, taking the alphabet and creating ideas for each letter. This originally appeared in Sleep Savvy under the title: “Alphabet Soup.” Accessories  Don’t just think of protectors, pillows, sheets, etc as add on sales, use them … Continue reading

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First Impressions

Note: This Blog is makes a good complement to my previous one: “Just Looking.” One Chance In the world of retail mattress sales, you don’t get too many chances with shoppers.  Studies show two facts that you should be aware … Continue reading

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Just Looking?

Of all the questions I’m asked,  one of the most common is, “What can I do to keep the shoppers that say, “I’m just looking”  from leaving my store before I ever get the chance to talk to them?” Well … Continue reading

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Overcoming Price Objections

Sticker Shock Dealing with price objections is just a part of the selling process when it comes to retail mattress sales, especially now with the average consumer being even more careful with their spending. Few consumers when asked what they … Continue reading

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